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How The @$!& Is That Possible?


Learn How I Went From No Money, No Job and Almost Homeless… To Having an Amazingly Rewarding and Profitable Fashion Blogging Business Within 12 Months.


Have you ever dreamt about being able to work WHEN you want, and WHERE you want… anywhere around the world?

As a fashion blogger you can work from cafes, home, the beach… wherever you want! AND make a killer income!

You can also work whenever you want!… Not a morning person? No problem. Sleep in and work at night! 🙂

Sure, you want to start a blog and make enough money to replace your current income… but to me FREEDOM is the REAL benefit!

That’s what blogging really is about for me, and it’s one of the “hidden benefits” of the blogger lifestyle.

But of course, there are other hidden benefits as well…

Like getting invites to exclusive events and shows, meeting and hanging out with cool people and getting sent lots of free stuff!

Most importantly, the freedom to spend your days being creative and doing work that you love so much that it doesn’t actually feel like work at all.

And I’m guessing if you’re here, then it’s probably the same thing for you too – am I right?

If so, then I have GREAT NEWS! But more on that in just a moment… First, let me introduce myself…


Hi, I’m Marina De Giovanni and I Want to “Officially” Welcome You to My World.


“How did I get here?”

It was Christmas morning 2013 and I woke up feeling like an enormous failure.

I had no money, no job, was pretty much homeless and had to move back in with my parents.

I knew I didn’t have much time… I was under pressure from my family and friends to go back to the 9 to 5 life. They said I’d given it “my best shot” and to just “let it go”.

I was imagining the worst, and I spent that Christmas day locked in my room DESPERATELY searching for a way out.

And it was by far the strangest Christmas day of my life.

The backstory – I’d just returned from a 6-month sabbatical trip to Europe where I started my first blog.


See, I wanted to be creative and make a living on my own terms and the “fashion blogger life” sounded AMAZING…

…Work from anywhere, get sent free stuff, attend fashion shows and private parties, meet cool people, travel the world… and actually GET PAID to do all this.

But of course, like most new bloggers, my problem was that I had NO CLUE what I was doing – and without seeing results, 6 months later (frustrated and demotivated) I quit 🙁

Which takes me back to that very strange Christmas day in 2013. I found myself sitting in my room, all alone, searching for answers.

I couldn’t face the thought of going back to a “real job”. I knew I wanted to start my own blogging business, be creative and do work that I enjoyed. But I was still unsure about how I was going to do it…

And then something happened that changed everything! Just by chance, I discovered something that changed the course of my blogging career… and my life!


Blogging Was Hard. Not Anymore. Here’s Why…


Want to know how making money blogging can be EASY?

Keep reading…

See, I was scrolling through Tumblr and I came across this quote:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.56.21 pm

As soon as I read the quote, I felt this rush of blood and excitement all through my body…

It was this strange feeling like I’d just “discovered something”.

And for the next 20 minutes I found myself staring at that quote and reading it over and over.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want, and copy what they do, and you’ll achieve the same results.”

But WHY were these words SO important I kept asking myself?

Well at the time, I was trying to figure out how to make money blogging…

I’d already had one failed blog and was determined to be successful the second time around.

That’s when I realized WHY those words were SO important. And for the very first time I KNEW what I had to do!

I realized that if I wanted to have success blogging, all I had to do was simply COPY what other successful bloggers had done and I’d “achieve the same results” (just like the quote said!)

As soon as I realized that one thing… everything changed!

It meant that all I had to do was find others who have achieved the success I wanted, and just COPY them.

And that’s EXACTLY what I did!

And over the next 3 full-time months I went to work to create the ultimate fashion blogger “SUCCESS SYSTEM”…

…I mean literally working on my blog like a crazy person doing 12-15 hour days.

But finally when I was done after 3 months, the “first draft” of my blogging SYSTEM was ready!

I had project plans, checklists, worksheets, action plans, and all of my notes broken down into “step by step” instructions.

And after a few more draft versions and improvements I was left with a simple, easy-to-follow blogging “SYSTEM” that included all the tricks and secrets to starting – and growing – a popular and profitable fashion blog (and in a short period of time).


This Time It Actually Worked!


After cracking the “fashion blogging code”, I was READY.

I soon launched my second fashion blog, Not a Model following this exact “SYSTEM”… and guess what?

This time it actually worked!

I was shocked!

And in fact it worked SO well, that in my first month I had 32,607 visits to my blog, 15,079 email subscribers and tens of thousands of social media followers.

I went on to make $1,789.64 in brand collaborations in just the first 3 months.

And within 12 months of launching my second blog I was able to quit my six-figure corporate job as an Event Manager and quickly replace my 9 to 5 income with blogging.


Since then my blog’s success has been talked about by some of the biggest blogging “guru’s”, like Neil Patel from NeilPatel.com, Ramsay Taplin from BlogTyrant.com and Clay Collins’ from LeadPages.co.

Neil, Ramsay, Clay

And if you’re not sure who any of these “blogging gurus” are, just Google “Neil Patel net worth” and you’ll find out.

And of course, it wasn’t too long before people began asking me, “Marina, where did you come from? How did you do it? You came out of nowhere.”

They saw Not a Model take off, watched me grow an audience, saw me on social media with other “big name” bloggers, watched my videos from fashion week saw me quoted by mainstream media and online media, and read my name and strategies linked to successful blogging guru’s.

Marina De Giovanni with beauty vlogger Chloe Morello, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast & street style photographer Yvan Rodic aka FaceHunter

But what they didn’t see was the fashion blogging “SYSTEM” I had leveraged behind the scenes to pull it off.


The SECRET to a Popular Fashion Blogging Business


It’s more realistic now than ever to build a full-time career as a blogger, particularly in the areas of fashion and lifestyle.

Why? Because there are SO MANY online fashion brands, boutiques, designers and ecommerce sites all looking to promote their brand and products.

And the easiest and cheapest way for them to do it is to collaborate with bloggers.

And the best part?

All you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection and a mobile phone.

But the sad truth is…


Most Blogs That Start… FAIL Pretty Quickly…


And that figure is estimated to be 95% according to one article I read.

Most bloggers that start out with the goal of working toward blogging full-time; will start a blog, and after 6 months have NOTHING to show for it, other than a few blog posts and social media accounts.

And they won’t be even remotely close to where they set out to be just 6 months earlier; still no followers, still no blog traffic, still not working with brands and still stuck in a job that they hate!


How Can YOU Avoid Blog Failure?


Well, the good news is…with the right instructions, growing a successful blog CAN bee really simple.

But you do need ONE thing…

…A PROVEN SYSTEM that you can follow!

Why? Because with a SYSTEM, you don’t have to figure anything out…

You don’t have to worry about what works and what doesn’t. You just have to follow directions and do the work.

So the REAL secret to creating a popular and profitable fashion blog is THIS…

Find someone who’s already done it – and then “COPY” them!

And that’s why I’m here… because I want you to be able to literally COPY the exact process I used to start – and grow – MY blog, and make it popular and profitable.

Would you like to learn how to create a system JUST LIKE THIS for your blog?


Introducing 48HR Fashion Blog – the Ultimate “Shortcut” For Fashion Bloggers


Today I’m PUMPED to be able to officially introduce you to my BRAND NEW online course called 48HR Fashion Blog.

It’s the simple, easy-to-implement SYSTEM for building a popular and profitable blog.

And the best part?

You can learn how to do it in 48 hours (or less).

So what would normally take months (or years) of research, trial and error, and lots of time-wasted… can now be learned in a single weekend.

These step-by-step instructions can help you:

  • Find a profitable blog topic
  • Attract followers who become loyal fans, and
  • Have brands and advertisers knocking at your door wanting to collaborate with you.

And it works even if you’re just getting started, or you’ve been at it a while.

Putting this training together took time to create – actually close to 6 months from start to finish.

But it was totally worth it because it completely removes all the stress, headaches and overwhelm associated with starting and growing a blog TODAY.

I’m literally giving you the exact SYSTEM I personally used to take my blog to the next level.

So you don’t need to spend years “grinding it out” trying to figure out everything on your own.

Instead, you’ll have a simple SYSTEM to follow, which means you can achieve success and build a REAL blogging business in a matter of months (not years)!


How to Discover Your ‘Blog Profit Topic’
  • The SECRET to picking a blog topic that has brands and advertisers knocking at your door wanting to collaborate with you
  • The ONE thing you need to do that will guarantee your blog will stand out
  • Why deciding NOT to blog about certain topics is the key to your blogs success
How to Choose the PERFECT Blog Name
  • 8 proven methods to discover the PERFECT name for your blog
  • “Rookie mistakes” to avoid when choosing a blog name
  • How to keep a consistent blog presence (this is super important, and almost always overlooked)
The Secret to Creating a Popular Blog (and Business)
  • How to build your brand from scratch so you can build a REAL business
  • How to STAND OUT and dominate in the very crowded blogging world that exists today
  • The final ingredient necessary to turn your blog from “just good”, to “EPIC”
How to Easily and Cheaply Design a Blog and Make It Look Beautiful
  • How to choose the RIGHT blogging platform (most bloggers get this wrong)
  • How to technically set up your blog from scratch (in just a few hours)
  • How to design a killer blog, without being web designer (and save time and money)
A Kick-Ass Content Creation System to Grow Your Following Superfast
  • How to establish your “blog content framework” and editorial calendar
  • How to create popular content that gets the attention of brands and attracts new followers
  • The #1 reason why you’re destroying your blogs success – and how I made the same mistake FOR 2 YEARS until I fixed it


  • #1
    The Social Success Formula
    ($197 Value)

    The ONE secret to growing your social media accounts… Even if you’re starting from scratch.

    This strategy applies across all of your social media platforms. And without it you’ll never see success with social media.

    If you’ve ever found it hard to get followers… this is why. And if you do sometimes get followers, only for them to un-follow you later on, again… this is why.

    This is the ONE secret ingredient of all mega popular fashion bloggers. Master this and you’ll build an audience of loyal followers eager to click, share, and promote your content for you – so you can then say goodbye to social media stress and overwhelm.

  • #2
    Mindset Masterclass
    ($197 Value)

    Often our self-esteem and self-image can prevent us from just getting started.

    Often we don’t feel smart enough or experienced enough or pretty enough to actually take on the role as a blogger and influencer.

    BUT, most of the time our fears aren’t practical or logical… but emotional.

    So what a lot of us need more than anything is a path through our FEARS…

    In your Mindset Masterclass you’ll learn how to break through your fears and turn them into confidence and action, and start approaching situations with a completely different perspective.

  • #3
    The Step-by-Step Ultimate Execution Plan For Creating Your Blog In 48 Hours (or Less)
    ($97 Value)

    This is essentially your QUICKSTART blueprint for creating your blog. I’ll literally walk you through every step you need to take and everything you need to know, in a super “non-fluff” and easy-to-understand way.

    Blogging CAN be simple – REALLY simple – it’s only confusing and overwhelming when you don’t have a plan. When you’re just “winging it” and playing the “hope and pray” blogging game?

    And if you’ve been “winging it,” don’t feel bad… you’re not alone. For the better part of my blogging career, that’s what I did, too. But “winging it” really just doesn’t cut it if you want to have success as a blogger.

    So in this special bonus I’ll break it down for you into a clear-cut step-by-step execution plan so you can literally sit down and plan out your entire blog in a single weekend.

  • #4
    Lifetime Access and Updates
    ($997 Value)

    With your enrollment you get exclusive and LIFETIME access to the training.

    I’m constantly updating and upgrading the course material, and as a 48HR Fashion Blog member you’ll get access to these future updates at no extra charge.

    That’s my way of ensuring that 48HR Fashion Blog is an excellent long-term investment for you.


Personally, I wouldn’t attempt to start a blog without having a proven, step-by-step SYSTEM to follow.

I truly mean it, the failure of my first blog literally set me back at least 12-months.

I’ve already done all the hard work for you… I’ve already made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t).

And because blogging is now my business, that’s why I’m so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow steps so I can always make sure I’m personally doing the right things myself with my own blog.

In the past these steps were mine alone, and only available to a few select bloggers who I know personally.

But now I’m making this training available to the public for a short period of time – just so you don’t have to go it alone!

And you see… it doesn’t matter to me if you sign up right now or not.

I’ll still be going about my day, still chillin’ on SnapChat… and at the same time, still hitting my blogging goals – because I have a proven SYSTEM to follow.

However, if you decide to go it alone, you’ll always be working a lot harder than you really need to.

And that actually might sound a little but harsh… but I think that you’ll also agree that’s its true.

It’s finally time to take the next step and start turning your blog into a career.

Simply just COPY what I’ve done! Let me show you how!

Try the Entire 48HR Fashion Blog System For 30 Full Days… And Unless You See Amazing Results, You Get It FREE

OMG Marina! Where Do I Sign Up?!

ZERO RISK. 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


I know you might be feeling a bit skeptical and you might be thinking, “Will this work for ME?”

So if that’s you, don’t sweat… because I’ve included a full 30-day money back guarantee.

You can literally go through the whole course anytime over the next 30 days – and if you don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT – or don’t feel it’s working for you… no problem…

Just drop me an email to [email protected] anytime within the first 30 days and I’ll I’ve you a FULL AND IMMEDIATE REFUND… No Hurdles. No Questions Asked.

And you can even keep the downloadable trainings at my expense, as a gift from me for wasting your time.

So it’s simple: Take the course and see for yourself…


How long does it take to go through the training material?

The course was designed so you could go through all of the material in a single weekend (i.e. 2 days… or 48 hours)

Do I need to show up anywhere live?

I’ve got good news…

Everything is online and everything is digital, ready to go and waiting for you, so you can go at your own pace and to your own schedule…

Meaning, you can literally sit back and Netflix binge and watch everything RIGHT AWAY.

How long will it take to get access to the 48HR Fashion Blog training?


After you put in your credit card information, you’ll then be taken to a private members only area where you can access all of your training.

And your login information (for your record keeping) and purchase receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.

Who is 48HR Fashion Blog for?

1. People who DON’T yet have blogs:

  • You’re not sure what the point of a blog is?
  • You’re paralyzed by a fear of the unknown?
  • You’re not exactly sure what you’re trying to create, and how to find your audience?

2. People who DO have blogs and are looking to massively improve their blog or “relaunch” their blog:

  • Desperate to discover your unique voice, and anxious to know whether your story is even worth sharing?
  • Feeling “stuck”, and not quite sure how to get “unstuck”?
  • Ready to throw in the towel and delete all your social media accounts?
  • You have an AMAZING blog but people/brands aren’t interested?

So if you want to be the next front-row star… If you want to work with brands… If you’re an aspiring designer or fashion editor looking to make a name for yourself… Or, if you want to start your own brand and online empire…

Then this course can help!

Who is 48HR Fashion Blog NOT for?

If you are expecting overnight results with very little effort and work involved… this, my friend, is not for you.

This is not a get rich scheme. I give you the exact step-by-step process to follow and tell you what you need to do to make it work, but only you can actually do it. And yes, it involves tying your hair back, rollin’ up those sleeves and doing work.

If you have a negative or know-it-all attitude, please don’t enroll in the course. Life’s too short and to be honest if you have a bad attitude we probably won’t get along.

Will it work for me if I have a lifestyle blog?

YES! The course was specifically designed for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

The reason I called the training “48HR Fashion Blog” is because it sounded better than “48HR Lifestyle Blog” 🙂

The examples and case studies I use inside the training are all related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. 

48HR Fashion Blog can help you create a popular blog if your blog is a lifestyle blog.

What makes 48HR Fashion Blog different from other courses?

There are several things that make this course different…

First, this isn’t some “new” course that I just put together off of the top of my head.

I personally developed these strategies and used them for YEARS. I then packaged these strategies up into 48HR Fashion Blog… just so you don’t have to go it alone!

And second, the massive problem for fashion/lifestyle bloggers is that 95% of the information out there on blogging is VERY GENERIC… and not at all relevant…

And you’re left chasing your tail… not knowing if you should try and teach yourself HTML, start learning “SEO”, enroll in a Photoshop course or set up – yet another – new social media account.

And the information that is “kinda” relevant is often vague and unhelpful “tips” articles… Like “10 tips to becoming a successful fashion blogger”…

And there’s other blogs that offer both free and paid webinars… but often you’ll have to spend months (if not longer) just trying to figure out what’s relevant and important… and what’s not…

And third, there’s NOTHING out there specifically for fashion/lifestyle bloggers that’s literally “step-by-step”… I virtually “hold your hand” and walk you through each exact steps, as in “do this”… “now do this”… “now do that”.

Do you have any examples or case studies of other people who have used your training to get good results?

Here are just a few…

“My biggest struggle was where to know where to begin. With blogging there is so much to do and to learn. Marina’s training helped narrowed down my focus and let me focus on the most important aspects that helped launch my blog successfully. After my launch I gained over 500 email subscribers on my blog. I have been contacted by a company to be a brand ambassador. I have had the opportunity to network with some fantastic ladies. Blogging is FUN!! It is not a chore….and I have become COMPLETELY OBSESSED with it!”
– Angelina, withlovelilyrose.com

“I didn’t know how to promote my blog, get exposure, and have more than family and friends reading it. Marina’s training helped teach me how to create trending topics and content that people are COMPELLED to read. My biggest breakthrough was creating ‘viral content’ that caught the attention of a big brand that has reached out to collaborate with me. Through working with this brand, my blog has gained exposure to thousands of people whom I normally would not have had access to.”
– Gabrielle, ChevelleandNova.com

“I have gained over 10 thousand followers, been published in Skrilled online magazine because of the traction I have gained from my followers and dozens more labels want to work with me, including jewelery labels, shoes labels, clothing, swimwear. I’m so happy!”
– Phoebe, phoebeclelland.com

“The biggest struggle was I always thought I needed to come out with content every other day to keep readers interested and stay following. However, now I’ve learned that it’s not about working harder, it’s about woring smarter. I’m glad I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore, and I can now have more fun!”
– Vannia, flairmiami.com

“What I love about the course is that Marina has already implemented everything that she teaches. There are many bloggers out there selling courses about blogging but they themselves have not even accomplished it. I only take advice from people who have already been successful at what they are doing”
– Lauren, globalgarbs.com

“After completing Marina’s training, I have moved to a self-hosted site, refined the site’s brand, promoted my blog on several social media platforms, and more than quadrupled my followers. From gaining more followers, I have received several brand collaboration requests, interviews, and affiliate opportunities.”
– Hannah, vogueinvines.com

“I was blogging for almost two years now with no plan in my head. I started just as a hobby eventually hoping of taking my blog to the next level but I had no clue how to do it. I spend hours and hours online trying to figure out what to do but all the advice I found was way too general. I knew that the best way for me to learn was to have a chance to talk with someone who did it herself.”
– Evelina, lifestylefashionista.co.uk

“Marina’s training has helped me shape and curate my blog content to provide a purpose and definition… This course was immensely well put together and it provided real information that I have been hard-pressed to find anywhere else!”
– Kat, everythingsheknows.com

“I now know what I have to do everyday, I have checklists and schedules, and I stopped wasting time figuring out what to focus on first… This training motivated me so much and made me realize that, if you focus on the right things and reach out to people, it is not impossible to make blogging your full time job!”
– Sonia, thecherrychapter.com

“My biggest struggle was time management, since I work a full time job, as well as overwhelm. Sometimes it seems like there’s an endless list of things I should be doing everyday and I just don’t have time for them. Marina’s methods for getting over these hurdles are amazing. She lets you know that it’s ok to not be doing everything at once and what you should be focusing on in order to grow your blog successfully.”
– Becky, fashionfoodfotos.com

Why are you sharing all your blogging secrets?

I’m just cool like that.


One-time Payment

The full 48HR Fashion Blog online training course

Bonus #1: The Social Success Formula

Bonus #2: Mindset Masterclass

Bonus #3: The Step-by-step Ultimate Execution Plan For Creating Your Blog In 48 Hours (Or Less)

Bonus #4: Lifetime Access and Updates

*Pricing is in USD



“I have gained over 20 thousand followers, been published in Skrilled online magazine because of the traction I have gained from my followers and dozens more labels want to work with me... I’m so happy!”

"I now have an email subscriber list of 900+ subscribers! I set out a goal for myself to get 700-800 email subscribers during my launch, and I met it! I am also now working with brands and one of the brands is Billabong, which is a HUGE brand!

I think it’s really worth it to take the course. It’s a great course to take so you don’t waste time, money and energy exploring everything by yourself… I almost don’t want to tell anyone about this secret, maybe only if they ask :)"

“My blog traffic increased by 25%. I now know how to write cool articles!! The layout, the title format, etc… I feel super confident and have a much clearer direction and support from when I first started”


One-time Payment

The full 48HR Fashion Blog online training course

Bonus #1: The Social Success Formula

Bonus #2: Mindset Masterclass

Bonus #3: The Step-by-step Ultimate Execution Plan For Creating Your Blog In 48 Hours (Or Less)

Bonus #4: Lifetime Access and Updates

*Pricing is in USD